Timed Auction: Food & Drink



On Saturday we have a Timed Auction of almost 250 lots of food and drink items which you’ll be pleased to know also includes alcohol!

This timed auction will start closing from 5:00pm on Saturday 3rd December and we hope you are able to participate in this totally unreserved sale. There are crates of soft drink and water as well as bags of chocolates, sweets, sugar, rice, tea and coffee as well as beer, wine and spirits! Make sure you head over to our website and get registered for this first Timed Auction of the weekend closing this Saturday.

As always, we have listed a selection of lots below to give you a gist of what is in this timed auction, so make sure you are around and get those bids in now if you are not able to bid as the lots start closing.

Happy bidding!


CLICK HERE TO BID: https://bid.wellersauctions.com/auctions/catalog/id/407

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