Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Is viewing available?

We are NOT open for viewing with all lots sold behind closed doors, you can however submit condition reports online via the lot online. All items where possible are available for testing apart from factory sealed products so if you have any questions regarding any items you see online, please submit these by 7:00am the morning of the auction.

For our Farm and Architectural Auctions we strongly advise prospective buyers to physically inspect the lot(s) and satisfy themselves regarding the condition of each lot they intend to purchase in advance of any bidding taking place. We also encourage prospective buyers to view our catalogue online and email us for a condition report and for specific information if they are unable to view in person.


Q) Are condition reports available?

Yes, condition reports are available for our General Auctions. If you have any lot you wish to know more information about, please submit your condition reports through our website on the lot itself. There is a red box “Request a Condition Report” on the auction platform for you to submit these through.

We also offer condition reports for both our Farm Auctions and Architectural Auctions.


Q) How do I register for an auction?

You can also register to bid online. You must first create an account on our website, then register for each individual auction you wish to bid in. We welcome a number of different buyers whether you’re a trader or simply wanting a bargain, you’ll be able to register and bid at one of our auctions provided that you are over 18.


Q) How do I bid at a live auction?

To bid, you should look at the Auctioneer and let them know that you are bidding, for example raise your bidders number above your head. It’s a common fear, but often misplaced that if you scratch your nose you may accidentally bid. Don’t worry the Auctioneer will use common sense and call out a bidder’s number to avoid any confusion that may occur.

At most of our auctions you are also able to bid online. In order to bid online you must register first via the online bidding portal. Once registration has been confirmed and approved you may then bid online in real time from the comfort of your own home or via mobile if out and about. To browse our catalogues please check our homepage.


Q) Do you accept absentee bids?

You can place online absentee bids also through our website by entering a numerical figure that is associated with the lot(s) you want to bid on and click place bid to confirm. For our Architectural & Off-Site auctions you are able to leave an absentee bid on the-saleroom website.

At off-site auctions… If you cannot attend the auction you may leave an absentee bid which gives us written permission to try and bid on your behalf in order to obtain a lot(s) at the lowest possible price, subject to any reserve and interest from other bidders. You should always give us the maximum price you are willing to pay (please bear in mind Buyer’s Premium and VAT on the hammer price).


Q) Are there additional charges?

Yes, all auctioneers levy a Buyer’s Premium on the hammer price. Ours is 28% (+ VAT). Lots marked with an * also attract VAT on the hammer price. The buyers premium refers to a certain percentage which is an additional charge on the hammer price (for winning bids at auction) of the lot that is to be paid by the winning bidder. This charge is primarily to cover administrative expenses. The Buyer’s Premium (BP) goes directly to the auction house and not to the seller.

Some examples to help you are as follows:

– A £100 hammer price with VAT and a Buyer’s Premium of 28% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £153.60 (Buyer purchased online)
– A £100 hammer price with no VAT and a Buyer’s Premium of 28% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £133.60 (Buyer purchased online)


Q) What methods of Payment is accepted?

Methods of payment accepted are sterling (GBP), by way of bank transfer or by debit cards ONLY.  Payment by Credit Card is NOT accepted. Because of the increased incidence of fraud, like most auction houses, we do NOT accept card payments over the phone, or remotely. The buyer must pay the whole of the purchase price including any VAT, Buyers Premium or any additional Premiums, or the remainder of the purchase price, before receipt of the goods purchased at auction. Payment must be received by 3:30pm the day following the sale or on the day of sale if in attendance at one of our off-site sales or by the date specified in the Important Sale Information for each auction.


Q) When can I collect my items?

You have 5 working days to collect your items but you MUST book your collection slot prior to arriving, by using our online booking system which you can do so by clicking HERE. If you turn up without a collection slot you will be turned away and not served. We will have your items ready for you to collect when you arrive.

Failure to make your pre-arranged collection slot will be charged at £10.00 and added to your next bill. Please give 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your collection slot – This slot can then be used by another customer and we ask you to think of others. Failure to do so will result in a £10 additional storage fee which MUST be paid. If items are not paid for or collected your items may be re-entered into one of our next auctions.

For our Farm & Off-Site auctions, as soon as you have paid in full bring your invoice to a porter in the saleroom on auction day. The porter will give you all the items that are on your invoice, please do not attempt to collect the items yourself. Goods must be collected either on the day of the sale or by the date in the Important Sale Information section of each auction. 


Q) What happens if I don’t collect my items within the 5 working days timeframe?

You have 5 working days to collect your items and these MUST be collected. Any items not collected by the end of the five working days will incur a storage fee penalty of £25 per day for up to a maximum of 5 working days. If your items have still not been collected after the additional 5 working days, your account will be blocked for a minimum of 6 weeks and NO REFUND will be given.

Paying and clearing all lots is mandatory for all lots won at auction. Bidding is a commitment to buy, and all accepted bids are contracts and are considered final and non-withdrawable.


Q) Can small items be delivered through the post?

*No, we have suspended our parcel delivery service available to customers.



Q) Can I arrange a courier to collect my items for me?

If you would like a courier to collect on your behalf, please book a collection slot using our online appointment system first, and then organise a courier to collect your items for the time slot arranged with us.

The couriers we recommend are:

– Mailboxes, 01483 453131,

The above will pack and ship items once your invoice is paid for in full.

*They invoice separately for their service.


Q) how do refunds work?

– After an auction, it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the items bought are correct. Wellers Auctions will only consider refunds if the items bought are not as described and only if you the customer have brought this to our attention withing 7 working days after the date of collection/delivery of the items. This decision is final.


Q) Can I get a valuation?

Valuations and general and specialist advice for selling lots at auction are free of charge. We offer a free email valuation service, usually all we need is a good image, and we will then contact you and discuss the likely sale value, if the item is suitable for sale at auction. We also carry out valuations by appointment in our saleroom. We are happy to undertake home visits particularly where a large clearance needs to be undertaken. We are also happy to travel countrywide should it be necessary to do so. Official valuations for probate and insurance will attract a valuation fee based on the amount of work and research needed to prepare the specific valuation document.


Q) What happens if my lot fails to sell?

You can collect any unsold lots within a specified time frame which is usually within 7 days of the sale. Uncollected lots are automatically entered into the next available sale with any reserve or estimate reduced by 50%. The lotting fee is payable every time a lot is entered into one of our Auctions.


Q) What happens if goods are damaged in transit or whilst in your care?

We take great care with a client’s goods all of the time. In the unlikely event of any damage, we will either have the damaged item professionally repaired or compensate you at the lower auction estimate of the value of the item.


Q) How long before I get paid for my sold items?

We pay by cheque or bank transfer 28 working days after the sale date. There are occasions when this is delayed by slow payment from buyers. If a customer reneges on paying for the lot they have won then your item will be re-entered into the next available sale.


Q) How do you market your auctions and what, if any, is your charge for doing so?

Our auctions are advertised in both local and national paid for press. We also have a large in house email alert and catalogue system. Full catalogues with images are posted onto our website and other auction listing sites. Worldwide exposure is achieved using live internet bidding platforms on which you can watch your lots being sold or join in as a registered buyer. We also actively promote our auctions on various social media platforms which are increasingly bringing a younger generation of buyers into the marketplace.

Please note that unlike some auctioneers we do not charge any type of photography fee, nor do we charge a lotting fee on any of our auctions, except for our off-site farm auctions at West Meon.


Q) Why do you place estimates on each lot?

In the valuation process we advise clients on the likely price that their lots will achieve in the auction. We recommend the estimate based on our knowledge of the auction marketplace and any appropriate research. However, an estimate is only an expression of our opinion of the range within which we think the hammer price for that lot is likely to be and is not an estimate of value. It does not take into account any VAT or buyer’s premium payable and is not a guarantee of price. These estimates also assist any likely buyer with their buying decision.


Q) Should I place a reserve on the item?

A reserve represents a minimum figure that you the vendor and we as auctioneers agree that the lot will not be sold below on the day of the sale. Usually reserves carry a discretionary discount of 10%. It is important to note that the reserve cannot be higher than the bottom estimate on any lot that passes through auction.


Q) How do I get my goods to auction?

You can deliver your lots into Wellers by booking an appointment using our ‘Sell With Us‘ page. Alternately you can instruct an independent haulier who charge on an hourly basis. Expect to pay £50.00 to £70.00 per hour for a van and two men.


Q) Do you undertake house clearance?

We will undertake to include into our auctions all lots of value that are cost effective to sell at auction. . We do NOT offer full house clearance services. 


Q) What if the buyer does not pay?

If the buyer of your lots entered into auction reneges on their agreement to purchase the lots, the lot(s) will be re-entered into the next available sale. The buyer of those lots will almost always be banned, so it is unlikely this would ever happen a second time.


Q) How do I contact Wellers Auctions?

If you would like to contact our office for general queries please contact:
E: | T: 01483 802280.

If you wish to speak to any specific member of staff you can send them an email, please visit our ‘Meet The Team‘ page where you can find their specific email address and contact them directly.


Q) What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

Please contact our receptionist, Jo Higlett by telephone:
01483 802280 or by email on