Dear Customers,

During the Covid-19 pandemic all of our auctions will be held online ONLY, in an attempt to comply with the social distancing guidelines. There will be no bidders present in the room, however if you do hear room bid mentioned by an auctioneer this will indicate that he has a commission bid on that item and has chosen to state that the bid is with him on the commission slip that has been handed to him.

The main way to bid at our auctions during this time is online via our website. If you have not done so already please register and create yourself an account and you can start bidding right away once approved. We ask customers to be extra sure when putting their payment details into the system as if this is done incorrectly you will not be approved to the sale automatically by the system and thus will not be able to bid immediately. Please double check all payment information before continuing.

Many Thanks,

The Wellers Team


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