Here at Wellers of Guildford we are able to offer you a House Clearance Service as well as a Probate Service to any location nearby or in the south of England. Our team of experts endeavour to get your unwanted items loaded into our van, lotted up and sold at auction which gives you a quick turnaround on your items from pick-up to sale. There is no job too big or small, so even if you have just a handful of items, we can still pick them up for you and put them into auction!

Our service costs £50 per hour for up to two members of staff and a van, with this fee deducted from the sale proceeds and a further 20% commission charge. Disposal charges will vary depending on goods disposed of however at Wellers we are able to put 99% of your items into our weekly General Tuesday Auction or our Monthly Jewellery & Collectable Auction so that we can achieve the highest hammer price possible for your items.

If this service is of interest to you then please get in contact with us! Please either call our landline on 01483 802280 or email