General Auction Going Ahead Despite Fire

As some of you may have heard reported late last night, there was a fire at our saleroom around 8:00pm last night which was swiftly put out by the Guildford Fire Department. The damage has been assessed and the auctions we have on tomorrow will go ahead as usual and will all start at 9:00am.

In terms of the stock, Auction 1 & Auction 4 were the only auctions slightly affected, with our staff kitchen taking the brunt of the fire. As a result of the fire there are some laptops that have been damaged with water and the loose clothing on the rails smell of smoke. Most of this stock will be sold however expect certain items in Auction 1 & 4 to be withdrawn so that we can asses the damage to the items such as Laptops for water damage.

We are hoping that the auctions run as smoothly as usual however there may be a chance that the internet drops out, as we have lost one of our internet lines so please be patient with us throughout the day tomorrow. The car park will not be available for customer collections or for parking in tomorrow so all customers will have to utilise local car parks.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you for another auction tomorrow!