We have some important information regarding making payments for items won at auction as well as registering/approval to bid in our auctions. Please continue to read this update for more information…

‘Pay Now’ Link Reinstated:

As of tomorrow (Thursday 5th January) you will once again be able to pay for any lots won via card online through our website using the ‘Pay Now’ link.

You will still be able to make payment via Bank Transfer if this is your preferred method however we expect that using the online ‘Pay Now’ feature will be your main form of payment once again as we revert back to our previous invoicing structure.

Registration/Approval to Bid:

When registering for an auction and having approval to bid in auction we have also reinstated our use of the 0.10p check on cards, meaning you will have to once again authorize your registration to each auction via your bank. As before, the 0.10p is not taken from your account. Please also ensure that your card address on our website matches what is with your bank, as if there is any difference you may be subject to rejection by the system.

If you do have any difficulties in registering for our auctions or being left as ‘Pending Approval’, this may be because you are using a VPN or anti-virus software which you may have to temporarily disable if you experience such difficulties in registering. Once left ‘Pending Approval’ please email reception@wellersauctions.com and we will approve you to bid as soon as we can.

To avoid being left in this state during an auction please register to bid as early as possible as we regularly check prior to an auction starting and over a weekend, so if registering during a live auction you could be left for some time before we notice you are stuck as ‘Pending Approval’.

We hope the above information is helpful and look forward to seeing you online at our next Thursday auction online tomorrow from 9:00am.

Many thanks,

The Wellers Team