Dear Customers,

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have changed our auction days to comply with the social distancing regulations and as such have split our auctions in half. Rather than selling all items across four to five seperate auctions we are now holding our auctions every Monday and Thursday. All auctions will commence at our usual time of 9:00am and once you have finished bidding we ask that you then contact our office on 01483 802280 and book your collection slot. Our porters will then gather together your items and bring them out to your vehicle. Please send any correspondence to [email protected] or give us a call on the number above. See our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

Please see below a list of our important information during this ‘lockdown’ period:


The auctions will be held behind closed doors, please see more information on how this will work below:


Viewing will not be available for this auction, so please use the images to assess the quality but continue to use these as a guide only. 


Unfortunately this auction will be held behind closed doors and in this lockdown, you can place bids online and bid live online. If you are unfamiliar with bidding online please email reception any auto bids you wish to place to [email protected]. The auction on Monday will be held behind closed doors, so there will be no facility to bid in the room. This is an attempt to keep customers and staff distanced during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Once you have finished bidding, you must contact reception on 01483 802 280 to arrange your collection slot & time.

We do recommend using a courier service where possible which we suggest using Part and Parcels Courier Service:

Tel: 01252 545611, Email: [email protected]

You will have ample opportunity to collect your items and once you have arranged a time with us, please stick to this time so that we can operate as efficiently as possible during this difficult time, as we have a reduced head count during this time, so a sudden influx of customers is not complying with the social distancing guidelines for customers collecting.


You can still go into reception in order to pay for your items and we ask customers, where possible to pay via card to limit the exchange of cash, however cash will still be taken. Once you have paid for your items we ask that you wait by your vehicles and our porters will ferry your items won at auction to your cars, much the same as how it has worked previously. Please be considerate to staff member in terms of social distancing so that we can continue to work in a healthy environment.

Many Thanks,

The Wellers Team

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