Auctioneers Pick of the Week!


Auctioneer: Andrew Snelgar

Q: What lot in particular did you enjoy selling at auction yesterday?

It’s hard to highlight one single lot that I enjoyed selling over any others because every lot sold is a highlight. We work very hard getting set up each week, so being able to get up in front of our buyers to conduct the auction is the highlight of every week for me.

Q: Favourite moment from this week’s auction?

My favorite moment of any auction is when I can see that my work during the week has paid off. That can take any form, from seeing satisfied buyers leaving at the end of the day, to having a well presented saleroom, to being able to report good news back to our vendors. All these factors and more add up to making for a good auction day for me.

Q: What are you looking forward to auctioning next Monday?

Next week we will be trying something slightly different. Rather than auctioneering from behind a rostrum I will be mobile and moving around the saleroom (Auction 3). I will be accompanied by an auction clerk, who will be connected to our online platform via a tablet. I’m looking forward to this because I learnt my craft in this way, being within touching distance of the items I’m selling and being closer to the buyers makes for a much more interactive experience both for me and the customers on the day.