Sunday Timed Auction

Every Week


From now and throughout the winter months there will be an extra timed auction each week closing on Sundays. In this sale you’ll find in the region of 100 lots available to buy showcasing the broad cross section of what we do in the live auctions week in, week out. Each week the lots on offer may be slightly different depending on what’s come in for sale. If you’re a fan of the live auctions, don’t worry because we’ve got no plans to stop or change them. This just gives you something to do when the kids are in the bath!

One point to remember is that it’ll be harder for us to respond to condition report requests (due to the sale closing over the weekend) but in lieu of that there will be more photographs than usual of each available lot to aid your buying decisions.

As always we welcome feedback and thoughts. If you have something to say please get in touch.