The Springtime West Meon Rural Auction Report.


Dedicated to our colleague, friend and leader Glen Snelgar (1957-2018) who sadly passed away at the end of May, Wellers of Guildford held an auction he would have been immensely proud to be a part of.

We can report that some 1,600 lots changed hands at our most recent auction held at the West Meon Sale ground.

As per usual the machinery auction attracted a large crowed, particularly for the interesting section of vintage machinery. Some of which needed restoration, but it all had an appeal to not just collectors of historic pieces but to everyone who saw these vintage examples. Out of the 7 stationary engines in this section it was the Ruston Hornsby that took off making £185. Further down the line with the more contemporary farming machinery we saw the Caeb MP550 mountain press mini baler make £520, the Twose 460 hedge cutter made £1,450, the Western ‘Delilah’ 10ft spreader made £1,850, and the Lewis Landlord 120 backhoe made £1000. This auction would not have been complete without at least one Vintage tractor; this time around we had a 66 year old refurbished Massey Ferguson that made £1,000.

Andrew Snelgar kicked off the day with our largest consignment of nursery stock to date selling Laurels for £6, Peach Trees for £20, and trays of perennials for £12 to £15 per lot, and Lavender bushes for £8. He also had some larger job lots of x10 laurel hedging that made £85 per lot. Once this section finished it wasn’t long before he started the auction of light ground maintenance, chainsaws, and workshop equipment. This included a Husqvarna 365 chainsaw reaching £115, a Stihl MS362C for £155, and a John Deere C52VK mower which made £160.

Auctioneer Tom Lofts sold the Warehouse and builders sundries, timber and new tools with gusto hitting his best of the day at £210 for a logic sand school leveller. He also sold an old electric motor driven lather for £170, a galvanised well bucket made £130, and a Rexon proline saw for £150.

As expected the largest company of the day gathered around for the Vintage rural and domestic bygone section which included everything from an old 2 wheeled builders cart that sold for £460 to and old apple crate full of Oxo tins that made £20. Auctioneer Luke Duddy was pleased to get sold 90% of the 400 lots in this auction. The major highlight being the Bronze proud stag and doe garden statue selling for £2,100, other lots made: Vintage 4 wheeled horse drawn trolley made £520, vintage croquet set sold for £100, Aldershot enamel sign made £150, whilst an 8ft mill manufactured English hardwood table and benches made £700, and the 1920s Atco lawn mower made £65.

Wellers of Guildford will be holding their next Rural Auction at the West Meon Sale ground on the 7th July. Entries for the catalogue close on 22nd June. For all entries, enquiries and on site valuations contact Rob Snelgar 07966 437095 or Tom Lofts 07771 556000.


Glen Snelgar


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