That’s right, when you spend £200 hammer price or more at auction you are entitled to a free Special Breakfast from the Woodbridge Cafe in Guildford as part of our partnership. If you like your cooked breakfast then you will love what they knock up at the Woodbridge Road Cafe, and so you should! After almost 80 years in the business they know their beans from their fried slice!

Famous for the Mega Breakfast Challenge (as seen below) that see’s some of the worlds best eaters compete for the hallowed t-shirt, and with a record standing at an outstanding 12 minutes and 49 seconds by Randy Santel, this place really does have it all and should be all the encouragement you need to make you spend that little bit extra to get your free Special Breakfast (as seen below).

To claim your free breakfast voucher you must first come into our saleroom and pay for your items, we will then present you with your voucher that is valid at any time with no date of expiry. This voucher will not be mailed out to you however; if arranged with Jo our Receptionist, you can pick this up the following week.

NOTE: This is only valid for 1 person per £200 Hammer Price+ spent at auction, so if 2 people bidding under 1 buyer number, you will still only receive 1 breakfast voucher.

The Special Breakfast

Mega Breakfast Challenge