Bidder Registration

If you are interested in bidding at one of our next auctions at West Meon, please click the button below which will take you to our bidder registration page. The benefits of registering prior to the West Meon sale means that you do not have queue at reception in order to complete your registration form on the day of the sale. Instead, having registered online we will be able to send your bidders number to you prior to the auction taking place. If you register too close to the auction we will have this number ready and waiting for you to quickly collect on the day, and you need not worry about having to fill any paperwork in on the day.

If you have any special requests please contact our main reception either via email or telephone: [email protected] | 01483 802280

*For West Meon, please DO NOT submit this form after 3:00pm the day before the Auction as we will be unable to create the Bidder Number for you.

West Meon Buyer Registration

To register to bid in our next West Meon auction, please click the button below and complete your details and click submit on your entry. You will then be issued with a bidders number that you will be able to use on the day of the auction.


Additional Information

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Conditions of Sale

Take a detailed look at our ‘Conditions of Sale’ so you know exactly how it all works. If you have any questions regarding any of the information you’ve read, feel free to contact us!

Contract Between Seller & Auctioneer

Take a detailed look at our ‘Contract Between Seller & Auctioneer’ so you know exactly how it all works. If you have any questions regarding any of the information you’ve read, feel free to contact us!


Take a look at some of the lots we have sold down at West Meon over the years. There are also additional images of action shots taken during the auction.

Past Auction Reports

Interested in how any of our previous auctions have gone? Feel free to read our post auction reports of how each auction fared over the past few years.

How The Charges Work

Vendor Charges

Commission Rates: (All plus VAT at the standard rate)

– Items up to £500 in value: 15% (subject to minimum of £2 per lot)
– Items from £501 upwards: 10%

*No commission on unsold lots where reserves agreed by Auctioneers

Entry Fees:

Entry Fees are £4.00 Plus V.A.T. per lot (£4.80). The Auctioneer, on contacting you, will explain that all ‘Entry Fees’ will be deducted from your final bill.

Bidder Charges

Live Bidding Fees:

– A £100 hammer price with VAT and a Buyer’s Premium of 12.5% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £135.00
– A £100 hammer price with no VAT and a Buyer’s Premium of 12.5% (+VAT) – Invoice total = £115.00

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