Collection Times Extended


Due to the ever developing Covid19 outbreak, Wellers understands that there may be some amount of fear regarding collections on a Tuesday. To try to alleviate this we will be extending our collection times for items sold in our Monday auction until Wednesday at 12:00 (noon) for the next few weeks. This will not be a permanent option however we understand concerns around people gathering in reception and want to make the next few weeks as safe as possible for you, our customers.

The auctions will continue as usual every Monday, and of course you are welcome to come and bid/clear your items on the day of the auction however; we would like to remind customers that the online option is available should you wish to bid from the comfort of your own home, and would encourage customers who are familiar with this method to use this where possible over the coming weeks, until the situation with the Covid19 virus has abated. 

If anyone suspects that they may have any symptoms relating to Covid19, we would ask that you think twice about attending and bidding at auction and to be mindful of other customers during this difficult time.

If you do visit our premises then please remember to wash your hands regularly and follow the guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) so as to prevent the spread of Covid19. Hopefully everyone can continue to enjoy our auctions with minimal disruption to normal service as possible, and we wish you all good health over the next few weeks!

To contact us regarding our auction or collections please drop us an email: [email protected].

We thank you for your continued support and understanding with this!


The Wellers Team